Law enforcers urged to protect witness of violence at IPDN

JAKARTA (Antara): A legislator has called on the law enforcing agencies to give legal protection to Inu Kencana Syafii, a lecturer at the violence-marred Institute of Domestic Administration (IPDN) who was terrorized for telling police about long-existing practices of physical violence at the institute.“According to the law on protection of witnesses and victims in criminal cases, Inu should have legal protection from the law enforcing agencies,” House of Representatives (DPR) Commission II deputy chairman Al Muzzamil Yusuf said on Wednesday.

He made the statement in commenting on the fate of Cliff Muntu, a sophomore at IPDN from North Sulawesi, who was beaten to death by his senior colleagues at the IPDN campus on April 2.

Al Muzzamil said Inu should be protected so that the mystery behind the case could be uncovered immediately and completely in accordance with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s instruction.

The House Commission II deputy chairman said he believed IPDN officials knew about the incident because it had happened in an open field not far from the IPDN campus.

“Not only the IPDN senior students who committed the violence should be dealt with but also IPDN officials. They should be prosecuted under existing laws and also be given administrative sanctions,” Al Muzzamil said.(***)

~ by zainal on April 11, 2007.

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